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I was referred here after submitting a question on another message board.

My wife's coworker removed some ceiling panels and found an opening to the sofet (sp) above the cabinets and found 4 guns and 2 sabers. They bought the house from relatives who bought it after the original owner passed away. The relatives had no knowledge of the guns.

I have some knowledge of more recent guns, and could easily identify one as a Japanese Model 99, from the Kokura Army Arselan, serial number 80713 (fairly late). The other three though are way out of my area of knowledge.

The other three are all percussion caps. One is an Over/Under with the markings "J. Sacket", "...eagertown", and I believe "FA." I didn't have anything to measure, but I would guess it was about a 44 cal rifle on top with about a 12 guage (possibly smaller) shotgun on bottom.

Next is a full stock with two triggers. I've been told this is a "set trigger" system for target rifles. It has a Hex (or maybe octaginal) barrel, and no markings that I could distinguish.

The last is a half stock with a hex (or oct) barrel. Again, there were no noticable markings, but there is some engraving around the hammer, but it is fairly worn.

I have a few pictures at and I know the detail isn't that good, but I can e-mail better pictures. If needed I can go back and try to take any specific pictures needed.

I know I haven't given you much to go on, but any help you can provide in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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