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Unlike metals, bullets and cases? Bullets and cases are dissimilar, to have current flow dissimilar metals are necessary with an acid, dissimilar metals are necessary to make a battery, then, again, there is acid, acid is necessary to create current flow to make a battery.

Back to “BEFORE THE INTERNET” acid was used to clean cases, straight off, the instructions made it clear, 2 factors applied. One was percentage of acid, second was time, They had it down to 2% acid for a maximum of 3 minutes. Then they made it very clear, the cases must be rinsed in boiling water twice, between rinsing the water was to be changed. Effect on the case? The cases turned black, they referred to the process as ‘pickling’ as in for long term storage. Instructions from the mid 50s.

“Here is what I do” ect., I use corn ground up cobs and nothing, Tumbling with water anything, dry the cases? The anything used with water is still there, the anything does not evaporate, then there is that part about some acids, some find their own water.

Back to the worst of cases, I use vinegar, 5% maximum, I could use less by adding water to dilute, I use vinegar for a maximum of 15 minutes for the life of the case. I only use vinegar to reduce tumbling, cases that would require 4 days of tumbling can be cleaned in 15 minutes or less, cases cleaned in vinegar can be tumbled for 2 hours maximum to clean. Again, I rinse the cases, rinsing the cases does not guarantee I removed the acid, I do not recommend loading cases cleaned with vinegar, boxing them up for long time storage because of moisture and dissimilar metals, clean the cases and then shoot them, again, I am the only reloader without a guarantee I do not have dissimilar metals connected at the neck with an acid.

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