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At that point, their take on what should constitute a crime may have a sudden shift...
My take is, and will continue to be, that Mexican carrying a condition 1 "safe-action" style pistol with no manual safeties is negligent. If you are a 25+ year veteran and a police supervisor, I just cannot fathom how you could not know this was not an acceptable practice.

Had there been some compelling reason to take that risk - a possible robbery in progress for example, I could cut the guy some slack. As it is, it looks like he just engaged in a stupid practice that not so long ago killed a father in front of his children. If he gets a misdemeanor out of it, that is really a long way from the worst outcome of what he did.

Drivers kill people in preventable accidents, and get reamed in civil court, yet typically they do not face criminal records or jail times.
Drivers in non-injury accidents routinely receive Class-C misdemeanors here in Texas (tickets/fines). If you injure or kill someone, you can not only be charged with higher level offenses, you can be arrested right there on the spot and taken to jail. I don't know where you are at; but I'm betting that drivers that kill or injure people end up with criminal records there too.
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