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Now that I think about it, I may need to put more finger on there.

When I FIRST started shooting, I was putting the trigger on the first knuckle. Then after watching several videos online, learned that you want to use the tip of the finger as my pistol is DA/SA combo. The trigger pull goes back about 95% before the firing pin fires. I don't know if the "soft" trigger pull is a SA or DA.

What would a glock be considered? Where the trigger pull is pretty stiff?

It didn't take me too long to get used to the trigger on the taurus. I know when its going to release every time.

So are you saying to not let the trigger go all the way forward after the shot? To leave it "half way" pressed in? I think I'm just not interpreting it correctly. I'm letting the trigger go all the way back to its home position then pulling the trigger again.

I'll try centering the trigger between the joint and tip. I had it positioned a little more close to the tip of the finger.

I'm also kind of stuck at a crossroad.

As I've said, the "death grip" does not work for me. I'm very inaccurate. My room mate shoots this way, with this weak hand basically pressing backward on his strong hand. His strong hand is trying to push forward, and weak hand is going opposite. Recoil does not seem to affect him as much. Works great for him, does NOTHING for me.

So after much research, I tried the "wet bar of soap" grip. Just enough pressure on the grip to keep it steady, but loose enough that the gun will move in the direction it wants to. Works great for me not anticipating or trying to over correct the recoil coming back, but leaves the 2nd shot taking tooo long to get back on target.
Well, with FMJ target ammo with a mild load, it doesn't really bother me that much. It still is too much recoil to get my second shot lined up as fast as I would like to.
Now if you throw my Speer Gold Dots JHP into the mix.... I can feel it is a much more potent round. I think they are both 165 grain though. I tried a magazine of 2 FMJ, then 2 JHP Gold dots, then 2 more FMJ to see if there really was a difference. My god yes. The gold dots are not +P.... atleast I don't think they are. They feel and sound alot more potent though.

Thanks for the advice, I'll work on the trigger finger a little more.

I notice you're in NC. Where abouts? I'm really hoping somebody does a CAR/IPDS class in the area soon.
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