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Ballistics Programs - External and Internal

You can calculate external ballistics right off the web - the easiest and best program I've run into is on "Rob's Reloading Pages". Go to:

Internal ballistics is a different matter, and the only program I know of can be purchased from NECO. See my thread on this board.

"The QuickLoad program from Neco ( is amazing. It can predict internal and external ballistics and has a HUGE bullet, casing, powder, barrel length, internal pressure, etc. selection. The program was developed by a brilliant German ballistician.

I've worked with it for years (so has SPEER bullets with its reloading manual), and it is amazing how well it predicts performance for various cartridge, caliber, powder, bullet, internal pressure, and barrel length combinations. You can even design you own wildcat.

I've noticed much debate on this forum regarding which cartridge is best, etc. With this program you can see SCIENTIFICALLY how the different cartridges compare. For example, you can see how the 300 Win Mag compares to the 300 RUM or 30-06 or whatever, when loaded to the same pressures with the same barrel lengths and with available modern powders.

You'll find that as the case gets bigger, the cartridge gets less efficient - yet, it remains true that the more "dynamite" (i.e., powder) you behind the bullet the more velocity/energy you get - of course, at a cost of more muzzle blast and kick. How dead can an elk get?"
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