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Just as an FYI-
DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken- German Weapons and Munitions Factory) was established in 1896 and absorbed by the Qantas Group (a German government-linked company) in 1929, so your search should focus on that time period.

Required proofmarks will be on the bottom of the action and on the chamber area of the barrel. These will include a government "definitive proof", bore diameter, pressure the gun was tested at, bullet used in testing, and (most importantly) a proofhouse mark telling you where the gun was proofed. You can then search makers' marks for that area and time (if available) and pinpoint the maker of the gun. Remember, they had a little "to-do" in that area of the world about 80 years ago, so many records will be unavailable.
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