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Night Sights for Springfield 911

I picked up a Springfield 911 Alpha in .380 ACP a few months back when it was on too good of a sale to pass up. After finally breaking the gun in, which took more rounds than I would have preferred, it is starting to grow on me. I would like to replace the sights with night sights (the Alpha models come with a fiber-optic front and white dot rear sights). All of the aftermarket companies list their sights as fitting "XD Models", but none of them specify that they fit the 911. Springfield does not list night sights for sale for the 911 on their website, despite the fact that other 911 models come with standard night sights. Does anyone here know if XD sights will fit the 911, or has anyone found a set of night sights that they know will fit properly on the 911? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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