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Need Help Identifying a Dwm German Mauser Sporter w/ hex barrel

Have not seen another one like it in photos online or at gun shows, etc. Since DACA Market Hall gun shows in Dallas have ceased I haven't been able to find a serious collector/vendor who could tell me exactly what I've got so... My other alternative is taking it to Lee's Gun Parts in Irving, Texas and if Lee is still live let him look at it. I'm pretty sure he would know what it is. I thought I would post here & maybe some veteran members could chime in their thoughts The previous owner has had it in his safe 10 + years and said it is a 6.5 mm but he never chambered a round in it or fired it ? Has a good clean bore, smooth action etc. Only markings on it are the makers mark/proof marking, a circle & 784 on the receiver and on the barrel show below in the photos, no other numbers stamped into the receiver period (which made be "nerveous" buying the firearm but...). The barrel is 26 1/2" long where it's pressed into the receiver. Has a very unusual brass decorative plate on the right side of the stock. Any help identifying it or giving me any insight of year, model, etc is greatly appreciated. Sorry it's currently not for sale

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