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I don't believe the customer is always right. While there is nothing wrong with that conversion, one of the serious problems gunsmiths face is a customer demand for something that is clearly unsafe or at least inadvisable. One of the most common requests is replacing firing pins or whatever to allow old Damascus barrel shotguns to be fired, when the gunsmith knows darned well the parts were removed deliberately to prevent the gun from being fired.

A gunsmith I knew had a form made up by his attorney. It had a space to describe the work to be done, a space saying why the gunsmith advised against it and the reason, and that the customer accepted full and complete responsibility for anything that happened to him or anyone else as a result of ignoring the gunsmith's advice. Very few customers would sign, so the gunsmith got out of making a decision, and perhaps out of being sued for doing the very work that he had been asked to do.

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