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While I've never personally heard of Mr.McCune, You have one of the more desireable military Mauser 98 rifle/actions, made into a nice sporter.

It's a Small Ring Mauser 98, and not the usual Large Ring action - gunsmiths like to use them for lightweight rifles.

The Small Ring 98 has all the Large Ring Model 98 safety features/improvements over the earlier (cock-on-closing) small ring Model 92/93/94/95/96, but with their smaller size/weight.

The markings on the RH side of the receiver ring are proof marks; the numbers on the LH ring is the serial number; and the "Kar 98: is the German/Mauser shorthand for Karibiner (Carbine) (Model) 98.

Most Mausers are marked with the date of the manufacture and the manufacturer's code, on the top of the front reveiver ring - currently under/hidden by, the scope mount.

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