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Originally Posted by Bart B. View Post
How close to call do you want rifle and pistol bullets to strike; 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 or 2 MOA?

My issue is if each discipline's firearm shooting bullets are not equally accurate, scores fired will be influenced by luck of the draw.
Unless I miss my guess you are looking at too strongly from the perspective of precision not marksmanship.

I am sure there are, but I am unaware of competitions that are based off of group size alone.

Marksmanship is the ability to put rounds on a specified target not how small of a group you can shoot.

In competition the format in which the targets are set up and scored is used to judge the marksmanship ability of the shooter.

That can be X ring hits at 1000yds with a heavy gun from a stable platform. or hitting a steel IPCS unsupported while moving with a pistol.

you asked "What competitive shooting disciplines require the most marksmanship skills? "

I still say 3 gun. It is not focused on utter precision, but it makes up for that by adding other factors like unstable shooting platforms, time, movement and elevated hear rates, challenging shooting positions and multiple targets in challenging orders and different weapon platforms. It is simply different format for measuring marksmanship.

And we are way off topic....
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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