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Originally Posted by Pistoler0 View Post
In my experience the claw in my particular holster (from Hydden Hybrid Holsters)

does not interfere at all with getting a decent grip. It is far below the pistol grip, pressing against my belt.

Claws do help, and as I said in a previous post it also helps for concealment to fashion some kind of wedge to push the muzzle of the gun out (and the gun grip in). Besides helping with AIWB concealment, pushing the muzzle of the gun out also "enhances" the appearance of your endowment, if you know what I mean . Win-win. Although I know that most of us don't have a need for that.
Thanks for the great info and the explanation on the use of the wedge! Definitely something I want to look into more. That Hybrid Holster looks nice. I like how the claw is minimal in size but functional. I also like how the belt clip is off centered by the trigger, instead of on top of the slide like some others. Do you find it interferes in any way with the trigger finger when drawing?
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