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How do I convert my 1858 Remington Carbine to centerfire?

How do I convert my 1858 Remington Carbine to centerfire?

I bought this carbine back in 1998 from Cabela's,,,
I loved shooting the little thing,,,
But I hated the clean-up.

Last night I was watching TV,,,
And noticed the rifle hanging on the wall.

I've read that there is a way to convert it to shoot centerfire,,,
But I have no idea who does this conversion,,,
Or if it's a drop-in I can do myself.

Also, what cartridge would it use,,,
I have read .45 Long Colt,,,
And .44 Special.

I either need to convert the carbine or peddle it off,,,
I sure did like shooting the carbine though,,,
But I swore off black powder completely.

Anyone have any information for me?


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