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The only 2 new powders I know of that fit your discription are Power Pistol and Lil'Gun.
  • Power Pistol is a slow-burning version of Bullseye. Very high energy (I think it's 40% nitroglycerin.) It's intended for high pressure auto-pistol cartridges, like 9mm +P, .40 S&W, and 10mm, but .44 Mag runs at the same pressure so it should work good.
  • Lil'Gun is a new .410 Shotgun powder. It's in the same league as 296 and H-110, a little slower than 2400 and #9.
An old powder that's good for magnum cast-bullet loads is Herco. It's sort of a big brother to Unique. HS-6 and 800X might be worth a try...
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