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South Florida Road Rage

A few years back when I lived there -

I had a .22 pistol I just retrieved from the gunsmith, it was sitting in a gun rug on my passenger seat.

It was Friday, I was happy and I was on the way home for a cold one .

As I slowed my vehicle for a red light a maniac passed me, cut me off, forced me off the road and stopped at the red light in front of me as I pulled back on the road.

OK -- I was in a really good mood, this wasn't gonna spoil it.

I had my right hand on the steering wheel and kinda wagged my index finger at him. Surprised he could even see it, my hand never left the wheel. Didn't point, just wagged the finger twice.

Next thing I know he is jumping out of the car coming to my vehicle. I am boxed in.

My first thought - is - I don't want to loose my gun rights / get in trouble.

Threw the pistol in the glove box.

What to do ---

He was almost to my car.

I pointed up to the red light like it changed to green.

He cursed me, turned around to get in his car, saw the light was still red and cursed me again.

Then it really turned green and we were back on the road.

Maybe not what John Wayne would have done but ----

On any given day Who knows?
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