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Found some Tapco AR mags, how are they?

I was in a Bass Pro Shop a week ago looking for a .357 and decided to peruse their other gun stuff. I wasn't expecting to find anything, and I was right for the most part. No ammo, no guns, and no mags for anything that holds 10(+) rounds. I walked in on one gem though, about 12 Tapco Gen 2 AR mags.

I grabbed two of them and was standing there debating on wether or not I should buy a few. I had heard that tapco wasn't the greatest and that their mags seemed to have problems. While I was standing there holding one in each hand thinking and talking to my sister a guy walked over grabbed one, looked at it a bit, and than bent down and took all of them that I wasn't holding. After seeing that I decided screw it, it's just the two I have now anyway and bought them.

Are Tapco mags decent? They seem to be well made to me. They have anti-tilt follwers, the springs seem strong, and they seat well and drop free with no issues. The only AR magazine I have experience with is a 20 round one that came with my rifle though.
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