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I bought a new Weatherby Vanguard S2 in .308 for $425 and it comes with a sub one MOA guarantee, but shoots groups as tight as 9/16" with ammo it likes. It has great fit and finish, has the same "three rings of steel" as the M700, a three position safety and a two stage trigger that breaks like glass under three pounds. It also has an optional detachable magazine. On the down side, it is pretty heavy so it is not a good gun to carry up and down hills all day and the two stage trigger is not for everyone. You should definitely consider the S2 at your price point. If you really want a bargain, the old Weatherby Vanguards sans the three position safety and two stage trigger are priced in the $300s.

I recommend at least handling several different rifles in your price point at your local gun shop to see what fits. The rifle that fits me perfectly may feel off to you. Better yet, see if you can fire some candidates at your local range (do you have buddies with any of the recommended rifles?). You should also consider buying used, but inspect the rifle carefully.
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