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Bullets of equal hardness/softness and weight but having different bearing surfaces can effect how much force is required to squirt them out of the noisey ends.
Yes, of course size matters.
just another one of the numerous factors that can affect velocity, and thereby the time the bullet spends in the barrel.

Bullets of different hardness and equal bearing surface size can have different amounts of friction in the bore and therefore different velocities using the same powder charge.

Exactly the same effect happens with bullets of the same hardness but unequal bearing surface sizes.

Take a look in the handloading books and you can find a few loads with the same weight bullet one jacketed and one cast with the same powder charge, fired from the same length barrels. (yes, there are some) and see what the difference in velocities is reported as. Those few loads will be a case where you have both extreme different hardness (cast vs jacketed) and different bearing surface sizes.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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