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and after sanding it... let's just say it looks perpetually dusty.
Exactly what happens since you are disturbing the polymer fibers. So by sanding it finer, you get finer "fibers" or tips. Then by applying the dye, it colors the ends of the sanded fibers back to the original color.

I've done a few mods where I filled in with devcon black plastic over the polymer, and that worked out pretty good. But the Devcon black is no longer avaiable, so I use another plastic weld material that was clear, but added the black leather dye to it in the wet stage and it came out very black in the overlay. But again it was hard to match the polymer color exactly. But in this case, I was fine stippling, so it came out pretty good and I use a flat black spray over the stippling aread to match.

You might want to check out this old thread about my plastic mods:
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