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I've got several boxes of WWII military surplus ammo . 45 acp and 9 mm Luger . I bought the 45 acp ammo in early 1970's , dated 1943 . My Dad bought the 9mm in 1961 along with a WWII Walther P 38 , mail ordered it all from Klein's . Ammo was repackaged from Klein's but is German mfg, not sure of year but must be WWII era .

It had been kept inside a climate controlled house , Dad and I have shot some of the ammo over the years. I reload so we have kept several boxes for "historical " reasons.

At Dad's house I found an opened half boxes of each , so being already opened I took them to the range . Using dad's P38 and my AMT Hardballer (1911) I shot up every round...100% functioning , hit the target , no squibs or weak loads.

That's 75 years of proper storage... I keep the AMT 45 acp close at hand in the house ,
and I just noticed , it's loaded with those 1943 hardball rounds ... I'm not worried .

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