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Originally Posted by tickTalk View Post
page 7 of the pdf has the 'color case hardened'.. it isn't really, it is just some kind of finish.. I think it is like that oil based floating paint dip stuff.. pietta does the same thing on their saa models

for the alloy vs steel thing.. I was thinking of the saturday night specials, the ones with the low temp melting point so you could use it then melt it down to get rid of everything but the barrel illegal in a lot of places now (strangely, CA does not have a melting point law) assuming it was a similar alloy (zincan or something like that), if it can stand up to a .38 spc, then I don't see how a .22lr would have any effect at all.
I bought my Rough Rider in 2013 with a case hardened finish. I looks authentic and it still looks and performs like new. What more do you want?
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