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I had a P10C with factory threaded barrel and suppressor sights for about a month, and traded it off. I wasnt impressed.

I got it used. Looked brand new. The shop owner said he had originally sold it to a guy a few weeks before, and he had already traded it for something else. He said he didnt think the guy had even fired it. I tend to believe he was right too.

I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that said they had issues with a suppressor mounted, and were basically a single shot for at least a couple of hundred rounds. That was the exact experience I had too, and with the exact failures. After about 200 rounds, it was pretty much getting through a full mag without a problem, but they were still occurring on a regular basis.

The fact it was a single shot for those first 200 rounds also leads me to believe the shop owner was right about the first guy not shooting it.

The gun shot fine without the suppressor mounted.

First thing I thought when I looked close at the gun was it was a quasi Glock copy. Same basic takedown, trigger and slide set up. The grip isnt quite as hand filling, but it felt pretty good. I did like the texture finish they used.

Part of the problem with the suppressor I think, was because they didnt have enough bevel on the top of the barrel where it locks up into the slide (compared to Glock anyway), and the added weight of the suppressor was just enough leverage to bind things up until it wore in a bit.

I didnt really like the trigger either. It was mushy as hell and didnt break clean and positively, with that "snap" when the striker releases, like the Glocks do. I was actually half expecting light strikes, though I never had any.

It really wasnt a "bad" gun, just Meh. Nothing special.
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