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I recently came to the same conclusion as the OP and the video. For the average gun owner, that doesn't get to the range more than once a month or even less, a PCC is the way to go for a primary HD gun. PCCs are a lot easier to aim than a pistol, recoil is a non-factor (unlike a rifle or shotgun), follow-up shots are hence much easier and faster, weapon retention is more secure (unlike a rifle/typical shotgun), accuracy is significantly improved (over a pistol), hearing damage is not as much of an issue (unlike a shotgun/AR), etc. and so on.

And many PCCs aren't any more expensive than a quality pistol.

Recently picked up a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in 9mm for my mother, who's 81, 4' 9", has arthritis in her hands, etc. She can put 10 rounds on a standard playing card at ten yards with the thing. She couldn't stay inside the black on a B-27 silhouette target with any handgun at 7 yards, including my .22LR target pistol with red dot sight.

Her main problem with pistols was the lack of hand/arm strength; she simply couldn't hold a pistol steady enough to hit anything. The Kel-Tec eliminates the problem by allowing her to mount the thing to her shoulder.
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