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Rangegod is spot on the money!
I have had my TX22 for about a month now. I have never had so much fun & enjoyed shooting a handgun as much as the Taurus. It eats every brand or quality of 22 I throw at it. I can't remember the last time it failed to do anything but run flawlessly. I must have well over 3000 rds fired & it just keeps running better & better. It is very accurate and soooo easy to control while shooting. I have shot a lot of 22's but the TX22 has been the easiest to shoot accurately. It's rivals my PPQ's trigger to the point where I might favor the Taurus's trigger. Mags are available from Taurus online for $22 each, so no breaking the bank there. (Ive already purchased two more) If your looking for a really fun 22 check one out.
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