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Taurus TX-22 or M&P22 Compact

Hey folks,
I've got the itch to get a new .22 pistol and am liking the new TX-22 and the M&P22 Compact. Both are light weight plastic pistols with the Taurus holding 16 rounds and the M&P22 holding 10 rounds. I believe the TX-22 is striker fired and I believe the M&P is hammer fired but not certain. I believe that the Taurus is made in the US and I'm pretty sure that the M&P22 Compact is made here also. The slides of both are made of Aluminum alloy, not pot metal. Both are easy to take down, which is a big plus for me. I can get the TX-22 for $331 out the door and the M&P22 Compact in FDE (which I'm liking a lot) for $375 OTD. Those are the facts as I know them.

The subjective elements are hard to pin down. I saw the TX-22 at a gun show so there was a zip tie through the barrel so I couldn't really play with the slide or trigger. I've read good things about the Taurus trigger. Not sure about the M&P trigger. I'm feeling like the TX-22 trigger would be the better of the two. But my gut is telling me that the M&P is probably better built. The Taurus is very new on the market so not a lot of history there, but reviews so far have been very good. Reviews of the M&P are very good also. So I'm not sure which way to go.

Any input from you folks would be appreciated. And don't tell me to get both of them. The wife would shoot me
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