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would it be alright to post an inquiry about identifying a truly bizarre knife?

This thing appeared in a box in an attic and I can only suspect that it is an abattoir throat slitting knife.

i can't get a photo posted yet. The thing has a wooden grip with four holes in the steel behind the grip. The grip is at a right angle to the blade. The only way to hold this thing is by wrapping fingers around the grip, putting the fingers through the holes (like a pair of knuckle dusters) and gripping. the blade is cut on the top and the dull edge of the blade lays on the top of the forearm, almost tucking into the inside of the elbow. The blade is perfectly straight.

The only way that this can be used is to slice or slash either upward, or inward towards the chest. This is why I am believing it to be a bleeder, it is made to reach around a hog and slice backward to take out both blood vessels of the throat in a single stroke.
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