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Lube wise you might consider CLP. Another synthetic lube might do deponent on what you have available in your part of the world.

Not something I though would work, but I had two guns that had issues.

One was a Kurz (?) 380 that would not ccle reloads, CLP and it did.

The other was a 3 inch magnum shotgun that wouldn't cycle 2 3/4, it was supposed to per mfg but did not. CLP and it did.

I do not use it as a cleaner, but as a lube/preservative (good to -65F!)

Sig ships their pistols at least with TW25 synthetic grease

Not sure how that works in cold temps, but there are other synthetic gun lubes though you could buy thinner car lube and try it out (I happen to get it as a bonus on some orders)

That and a clean gun of course!
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