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The SP-01 is not a 'combat/police' pistol, and not engineered for severe reliability. Accept it's one bobble, clean it and move on.
I guess I figured that since it is essentially a CZ 75 with a different frame configuration, it would also have the 75's level of flexibility on ammo.

But OK. I suppose that I'll have to accept it and see if things change at a different temperature.

Otherwise, I may need to consider selling. I don't like being tied in to one ammo brand because over here consistent supply is not a given.

BTW how you been?
Horrendously busy trying to find some direction in life!!
My shooting has taken a hit this year as time is so short, but I did a spate of competitions these last two months to make up my match points before it was too late. I succeeded!

Good to be back, though!
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