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I started reloading the 44 Magnum in about '90 and have reloaded everything from a 123 gr ball over a dusting of Bullseye to a 310 gr "ingot" over a near max. charge of WC820 for T-Rex hunting. I have gotten some very accurate ammo and from my Dan Wesson 44H, I got many sub 2" groups at 50' (indoors range). My Puma will give good groups also; 3"-4" @ 50 yards (I'm not the worlds best open sight shooter). I use a standard roll crimp, a Redding Profile crimp and the last couple years I have used a Lee collet crimp. I have yet to trim a 44 case...

I believe it's one of those "if you wanna, go ahead" things. I doubt if you will see much if any improvement in performance or accuracy, but it will give you something to do on a boring Saturday afternoon (or make you feel better about your handloads...)...
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