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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
Non-individual specific question. I feel like I am stalking Spats buying decisions by the way.

Generally speaking is there any disadvantage to one of these "single-shot" trusts vs an individual purchase?
Let me start with the caveat that other members may know more about NFA law than I do. With that said, I know of no disadvantage to the single-shot trust, but I do know if one advantage: I can amend a trust. If, for some reason, I need to add beneficiaries to the trust, I can do so. Say my brother lives in Arkansas, but all the way across the state. He's trying to decide if he wants a suppressor, so he wants to borrow mine. I can add him to the trust, and he can then take my can home with him (once the amendment is complete).

If I've stated anything wrong, or potentially illegal, I'm asking our more-knowledgeable members to speak up and correct me.

ETA: Don't worry about "stalking" me. I haunt threads relevant to my current situation all the time.
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