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You can disassemble and rewind about any old transformer. I've done that by calculation for special purposes, like winding double box shielded power transformers for super low leakage instrumentation power supply applications. In that case, though, because the shielding was going to eat up space, the core had to be oversize for the power it was handling, and that's why the calculations needed to go from scratch.

But you can avoid that if you find a standard E-core transformer that still works and that has the power rating you want. The secondary is usually the outer turns on the bobbin unless it has a split bobbin (in which case you cut away only the windings on the secondary half of the bobbin. You can then put your own secondary on it as Ron described.

I have an old 1500 V-A 1:1 isolation transformer that would be a good candidate for this kind of alteration. I would want the new secondary to put out about 1/10 the voltage at 10 times the current, so the new secondary magnet wire I selected would have 10 times the cross-sectional area of the original secondary winding wire and 1/10 the number of turns. It's pretty much that simple.
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