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I saw that on my search for auto five bolt handles FITASC. But unfortunately no, it won't work because that's for the new Browning A5 that has the inertia bolt like the Benelli does and except for having a humpback receiver, has nothing much in common with the ORIGINAL Browning auto five. It does get a bit confusing when looking for parts because they ill advisedly call their modern newer design the Browning "A5" which is what a lot of people will confuse with the original auto five. I think they re-used the name "A5" to gin up sales interest and piggyback on the name and good reputation of the old auto five. But as we see it's causing confusion when looking for parts and we see a part for a Browning A5 that has nothing whatsoever to do with the original Browning AUTO five. So good marketing for them, but confusing to people buying parts.

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