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johnwilliamson062 wrote:
The bolt handles are easily removable and need no fitting, right? I'd get an extra stock part from somewhere and use some sort of epoxy to form an extension. Something like JB weld. If you sand the JB weld it will hold paint. It won't be the prettiest, but...

IMO, the small handles are a real failing in most shotgun designs. Putting an enlarged "combat" handle on my 11-87 was some of the best money I ever spent on a firearm. Whether hunting in the field, shooting clays, or pounding the berm with buckshot, it always seemed much more ergonomic than the stock handle.

Entirely reversible, easy to modify further, and cheap to try. If you find something you like you can always have someone fabricate one from steel later.
Exactly correct John. But I wouldn't use JB weld. It's not strong enough. I tried using it before just to hold a half moon front sight on a shortened barrel S&W 1917 and when I fired the revolver the sight fell right off. Instead I'd mig weld an extended bolt handle on as that 1917 front sight had to be welded. And that front sight really didn't have any stress of movement other than the microscopic expansion of the barrel under the sight as the projectile passed under it, but that was enough to crack the JB weld and make the sight fall off on the very first shot after JB epoxying it. With the reciprocating bolt handle on the Remy M11 or Browning auto five flying back and forth, I don't imagine JB weld epoxy would hold up very long if at all without failing. Best to mig or tig steel weld it. Then no worries of it coming off.

Blindstitch wrote:
You're probably looking at a gunsmithing project.

The 11 sells a stock handle for $50 so I could see maybe lopping the finger area off and drilling and tapping for a light bolt handle.
Since I can't find an extended op handle already made, it looks like you're right Blindstitch, I'll probably have to make it for myself. I think the best thing to do is to buy another op handle and keep the original as it is. Then cut off the op handle grip area and instead of drilling and tapping it for a screw in extended handle, fab the handle area and just weld it to the flush area where I cut the old op handle off. Doing that is a time suck and I was just hoping against hope that someone here would know of one already made I could just buy. But it looks like they don't exist. At least I can't find any. So it looks like I'll have to make my own when I get the time.

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