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Posted by Double Naught Spy: People about about 21 feet and the Tueller drill (which was very informative) as if it is some sort of definitive fixed number and that isn't the case at all. It should only be considered as a working consideration.

I would argue based on testing that we did that the distance of 21 feet can be covered by 42 year old 240 lb. keyboard commando within the draw time of people tested at the gun range (defensive pistol class) who knew they were going to be charged and who had to remain stationary.
I cannot disagree.

In other words, given one's draw time under non-ideal circumstances of knowing what was going to happen and the fact that many attackers will be more athletic than the keyboard commando, the actual threat distance may be several feet further out beyond 21 feet. Tueller's 21 foot statistic was just an averaged result and can be attained by less than average attackers depending on the response of the potential victim.
Yet when one goes to the range , one sees people practicing shooting at targets 21 feet away, rather than trying to land fast hits on a target that is about where an attacker would be after a defender had drawn his gun.....
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