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Originally Posted by ezmiraldo
I think IDPA (and other competitions) help run one's gear under stress (which is extremely useful); but, I don't know how much they benefit tactics? Am I wrong?
Isnt shooting under stress what its all about? There's no other safe way to simulate shooting against an adversary. Whatever or however you train you must build your unconscious competence operating the firearm under stress as second nature. Reference infographic.

Originally Posted by ezmiraldo
But, how about tactics? How to practice reacting to the actions of an armed adversary, while constrained by geography/layout of one's environment? Anyone can share some ideas that work?
Check out this video:

I started training with a close friend of mine this year we warm up with a dot torture drill then spend half our time practicing IDPA scenarios then half our own imagination based scenarios. There isn't one scenario that covers it all, we set up multiple targets at various distances and one or more empty target stands simulating cover. One of my favorites is with my back turned my friend rearranges the targets only one marked as the bad guy, from there we can mix it up where we can only shoot from cover first or as we can only shoot as were moving to cover. Also, the general rule is were not allowed to double check our round count, this guarantees random slide lock events... or, I have my friend load my first mag for me!
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