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There are plenty of skills that you cannot practice at regular range. These include:

- Rapid fire: The key is recoil control and learning what I call the "reset position". This basically means being able to bring the gun back on target quickly and almost exactly to the point of aim after the gun recoils. Most ranges will allow double taps if you demonstrate some level of proficiency, but rapid fire is usually not allowed unless on a private range.

- Drawing and firing: If you can't get your gun out quickly and on target quickly, it is practically useless. The good thing is that you can practice drawing with an empty gun at home or practice drawing a good air soft replica.

- Engaging multiple targets: While the chances of having to engage multiple targets is low, the ability to get on target quickly and accurately is a highly valuable skill.

- Shooting while moving: Hitting a moving target is a lot harder than hitting a stationary target. Be the moving target! Hitting a target while moving is also a lot harder, especially if your target is moving as well.

- Force on force: Hitting a target accurately is hard enough without someone shooting back at you. The extra sense of urgency of getting lead on target while being shot at will create an adrenaline dump that will most likely greatly affect your accuracy. You have to shoot while on the move, fire at moving targets, and look for cover/concealment.

As for training:

Air Soft: Great for force on force simulations (especially if you get a quality replica of your actual carry gun). This is great for shooting while on the move and while moving. Also great for drawing and firing to practice draw speed and accuracy. Air Soft can be used for point shooting and rapid sight acquisition practice (go from low ready to on target as quickly as possible). Air Soft can even be used for marksmanship if you have a decent quality gun.

IPSC/PPC: Few things beat live fire and actual trigger time with actual recoil. IPSC is too "gamey" in my opinion, but the skills will carry over to real life. It is far better to use "regular" guns rather than tricked out competition pistols since it is best to use what you carry.
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