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Not the same but interesting all the same .

I looked out my front door one night and saw to guys sitting in a car with the seat backs down about half way so you barely tell they were in there . It was not late , maybe 9 or 10 pm . That seemed very odd to me so I called the non emergency police line . I told them what was going on and that they seemed to be casing the houses on the block . She said thanks and we will send someone out right away . Less the 5 min later I get a call back from the dispatch telling me those are undercover cops keeping an eye out because of some complaints in the area . I asked what type but she was non specific . Wow ok thanks for keeping the area safe . She called back 5 min later and asked me to turn off my porch light because it was shining light into there car , I did so and went on with my night .

One week later there was a drug raid on the house two doors down sneaky little suckers now ain't they .
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