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For me, personally, I doubt I would engage the shooter even if I had my own AR on deck. The chance for hits in the dark, through smoke, and with innocents running in all directions wouldn't work for me in panic mode. While the shooter has no problem blasting into any space, I wouldn't take the chance of my strays hitting anything but my target.

I had a friend over FB (I know, I know...) comment on how he felt that the drum magazine gave the shooter the advantage of not having to reload. If he was reloading, he'd be vulnerable and some hero would knock his block off - saving the day. I opined that I don't believe I know of too many men or women that would resort to that choice instantaneously under extreme duress, while being fired at with a black rifle of any sort.

Fact is, we don't have the facts to say much about it. Tragic.
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