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It has not been revealed exactly what type of "body armor" this guy was wearing. My guess would be no higher than level III, probably only IIIA. Unless he was seriously on some pills like the guys in North Hollywood
contrary to the way TV portrays it getting shot in the vest hurts. Also contrary to TV where shots to the bulletproof vest always impact where the vest protects the most (center mass) many commercially available vests leave good sized sections (below the naval, arms/armpit) unprotected.

A P239 in 357 SIG even to the center of the vest would have made this guy take notice. A shot to the legs or arms would have caused a lot of trauma to that particular appendage limiting his ability to continue the fight. A shot to the head would have stopped it right then and there.

The P239 is not exactly a "service sized" gun but the 357 SIG cartridge packs a punch.

Considering the situation it sounds like the only way to "Flight" would be through the gunmans clear line a fire.
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