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I was under the impression the SAS went to .45's IE P220's... I think I read that in a gun rag. SWAT or GUNS & WEAPONS... But since I don't know any REAL former SAS operators, I have no way of finding out for sure.

As for holding the gun in close to the shooter... WHAT? How can you fire accurately holding the gun close? You need the gun extended out for a proper sight picture. I dont see any advantages this new fangled method is supposed to give you. What is the point? How can you shoot accuratly, smoothly, and quickly while trying to take up an unnaturaly stance and form... the body POINTS with an extended arm in shooting. This is why the old cowboys got some hits in during all those gunfights with out using the sites.
I think this EX-SAS training guy is taking some people for a ride... And for the officers - it will be a long drive down a short road.

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