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Clark states:
Bart, you got a typo.
That wasn't a typo. It was a mental. The UK barrel maker I referred to is Border. But I had a "junior" moment and thought it was Borden.

"Senior" moments are mental acts of greatness, perfection and good thinking. "Junior" moments are those bad ones made by teen agers and include getting name of people, places and businesses mixed up.

Clark mentions:
15 years ago I used to read Gale Mcmillian on this forum advocate Rem700 actions and Bart Bobbitt on rec.guns advocate M70 actions.
At the High Power Nationals some years ago, I and others were discussing receiver stiffness; Gale McMillan was one of them. I made him a $1,000 bet that the Win. 70 receivers were over two times stiffer than the Rem. 700 long ones (and both the the single shot FN Mauser No. 6 benchrest action and Win. 70 custom made solid-bottom single shot receivers' might be stiffer than the Rem. 40X single shot ones) and could prove it by running identical stress bending tests on both and referencing Frank DeHass' bolt action rifle book's section listing popular receivers by their well-accepted engineering formulas on stiffness. He refused claiming engineering formulas were bogus and how much a piece of steel bent with the same load and fulcrum length was not a good test. I've thought since then he was afraid of being proved wrong and finagled a way out of it. Few people know the real facts behind the Rem. 7XX receiver's popularity and accuracy-producing fame.

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