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fingerprint problem in Fla

So I live in NJ. I could not get the local police to take my fingerprints, they said the state won’t let them do it for a gun related activity. I want a carry permit. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Florida to apply for a Florida carry permit. Everything went well I thought, I was only in the Dept. of Agriculture for about 20 minutes. A nice lady checked my paperwork (I'm a vet), she filled out the forms for me, took my fingerprints and picture and told me to go home and I would hear back in about 2 weeks. She was right, It is now 2 weeks later and I just got a notice (E Mail and postal) that my fingerprints were are, "not sufficiently legible". So now I am in the same situation as before, my state will not do the prints for me and I don't want to fly back to Florida for fingerprints. The prints must be done by a police dept. and they want them sent electronically. So any suggestions on what I should do.
Richard L.
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