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I voted for the SP101 myself. I am a revolver guy. I conceal carry all the time, year round. In the Summer I load a couple shotshells up front unless I am headed to town. Most of my shootouts are with Copperheads and Cottonmouths. I carry a 38/357 in Summer Months just to load 38 shotshells. In cool weather I carry a 10mm and a 45acp some also.

The SP101 is a great choice.
My most carried Concealed Carry handgun is a 3" Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 DAO with factory Bobbed Hammer, and other Custom Shop work. I would pick a 3" K Frame S&W over the Ruger SP101. In factory trim the S&W is more shootable.

Myself I could pick another Dozen Revolvers for the list, However

I will humor you and pick a couple semi auto's.

I would probably try out a Shield 40 as a second choice. They are thin, the grips feels good. So far they have a good track record. I am sure I could hit well with the one example I have handled.

Third choice would be the XDS. I have not gotten my hands on one yet, however if they work as well as I read they do, this should be a very good way to go also.

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