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I didn't vote. I love my Glocks. I love my revolvers.
You have to play aorund and find what you love to shoot. Buying a new pistol every few months, or a year trying to find the 'ONE' can be expensive. But, it's how many of us shooters roll to be honest.
They're like tools. Different ones for different jobs. One may carry and hide better. You might want to hunt and need a different one.

One of my tests is to blindly reach down for XXXX and snap into firing position. Look closely and see how far off the X-ring it came up. Do I need to change my grip every time? Does it just snap into 'the zone'?
Play around some before buying. Will your LGS sell/rent you a used one you can carry for a week and bring it back? Some will. Many won't.
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