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I had one briefly. Compared to Glock or any other striker fired gun with a plastic frame they are probably pretty close in quality. But being SAO with no active safety they will never be approved for most LE agencies. People buy and use what they see in cops holsters.

It probably doesn't cost any more to build a Glock than any other plastic gun, but that has nothing to do with the cost to consumers. If someone likes the XD and can get it for 1/2 the price of a Glock they will probably have a good pistol. But there are design features on the XD that I don't like and a Glock is easily worth double the price to me.

I don't like the grip safety on a 1911. It would be a better gun without it, but I'll tolerate it on my 1911's since it is just part of the traditional design. My 1911's are just range toys anyway. But I won't tolerate a grip safety on any other gun, especially one so poorly designed as the one on the XD.
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