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Maybe people got wise to the fact it’s croatian designed and made pistol with springfields name stamped on it carrying a 300% price increase due to “Springfield” being on the side.

I personally never liked them. In part because my Glocks fit all my needs. Also in part because of the above. Springfield had and still has absolutely nothing to do with the gun’s design or manufacturing but they aren’t upfront about it at all.
People knew about the XD was a redesigned HS2000 since the beginning of its inception.

Reece was ALWAYS upfront about where the XD came from and why. If in part you're dismissive of the XD and in favor of Glocks because of the "300% price increase", then I guess you don't know how much markup Glocks are.

The main driving reason the XD seems to fall out of favor is the simple fact the market has been flooded with similar firearms. Beretta, S&W, Ruger, and many others have joined in on the fray for market share on that platform. To top it off, the market in general has cooled off considerably since Trump's election. I've seen ALL makes suffer from a buyer's market.
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