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I have taken training with a weapon mounted light and with a light held in the off hand.

But advocates of weapon lights never seem to want to discuss the point that a bad guy, finding himself pinned by a light in a dark room just might shoot at the light, a situation which might not be beneficial to the person holding the light in front of his face.

Of course, in many "training scenarios", there is never a "no shoot" condition; everything is a target to be shot. One might wish that the real world were that simple.
Sounds like you have some poor training that didn't include evolutions against the instructor so you experience how effective the techniques are when employed properly, nor no shoot scenarios.

Yes I could go on and on about proper technique, and how you are wrong. But honestly these are things people need to experience themselves. Getting destroyed by a light wielding opponent, or seeing how in all but the most rural areas there is plenty of light to actually shoot with the light off (using your night sights) after PID is made are things you just have to experience to believe yourself. I highly recommend making a trip out to the Surefire academy, because I know that they do these things, at least they used to (the instructor set has changed a few times).
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