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Originally Posted by Evan Thomas View Post
I recommend reading the sticky thread at the top of this forum, How do I quote from a post? It explains how to do pretty much everything you can do with quotes here.
I read that sir, I was hoping there was something that was not explained - perhaps an "advanced" move.

I've been quoting multiple posts in the same response manually, but I think it could add a lot if such a feature were implemented. In other forums I've seen it where you could click what is the "quick reply" feature here, on each of the posts which you would like quoted in your response. You could then reply to or comment easily on multiple posts.

I did a Google search of the site and was able to find a reference in the FAQ where it says this is possible, but it does not seem to be an active feature since the multiquote button () is not visible to me. Of course I may have a feature turned off somewhere but if so I don't know where to turn it on.
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