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help with AOW/SBS laws

so here is my situation... i live in washington half of the year and you cant have short barreled shotguns there. i have come up with an idea that might allow me to have a pistol that fires 20 gauge.

The design would be to get a new single shot or double barrel receiver and attach a pistol grip to it. Then i would take a barrel and cut it down to 8-10 inches and put very shallow rifling in it. after the barrel has been rifled i would attach it to the receiver and that would be it.

i understand it is very close to an AOW but i was wondering if the slight rifling would remove the need for the tax stamp all together.

the main purpose of this gun would be hunting rabbit in VERY thick junipers (so thick i have to crawl a lot) and for looking cool at the range.
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