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The motorcycle guy has the right to be wherever he wants to legally be and he should have the right to defend himself with deadly force if attacked with deadly force. That includes a gang attack. There are some things he could have done differently, but it's still not his fault that he was attacked. It's those criminal's fault.

What I saw was a bunch of young guys hanging out with a bunch of idle time, selling drugs to make money, and in a pack mentality. No discipline, no education, no incentive to get a good education, no spiritual leadership, low self esteem, no work and no desire to hold valid work. Just quick fast drug money. This is the tragedy of these urban "hood" areas. This is the reason why the crime and murder rates are so high in these areas. This is why we should stop letting our politicians, civic leaders and the anti-gun crowd deflect the attention away from fixing the problems with urban America and onto guns.
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